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 Who We Are

We are fee-only and fiduciaries so you can be sure of getting objective advice in your best interest, including a focus on what is most important to you in your life, today and tomorrow. 

 How We Work

We work with you to create customized strategies that address your personal needs, including a focus on ensuring every aspect of your financial house is in order and stays that way.

What We Offer

 We offer comprehensive wealth management and retirement planning strategies, including a focus on Executive Equity Compensation and Evidence Based investing.

Executive Equity Compensation

What to do? 

If you have earned a stake in your company, your compensation and taxes are more complicated than earning a salary, bonus or commissions.  Isn't it funny, that even when something positive like earning more compensation occurs, it's not all unicorns and glitter. Being eligible for executive equity compensation is a very good thing and especially when our clients' understand how to make great decisions. 

There are many choices, such as, when to sell and why, how to prepare for the tax surprises and understand the potentional risks associated with too much of a good thing. There is a whole new language to learn, stock options, incentive or non-qualified, ESPP-Employee Stock Purchase Program, Restricted Stock or RSUs- Restricted Stock Units, PSUs-Performance Stock Units, why there are even GSUs if you work for a certain mega large cap on the West Coast! Deferred Compensation, Phantom Shares, Tracking Shares. Valuations, excise price, grant dates, grant price, vesting schedules, sell to cover, under water shates and of course, the need to now pay quarterly estimated taxes.

With opportunty comes the responsibiity to be a good steward of your good fortune. Let us help you navigate the complexity so all your hard work really pays off. 

Radically Rational Wealth Management

We invite you to explore our time-tested approach to proactive planning and disciplined, efficient investing: an approach so rational, it’s radical. At Journey, we act in your best interest — all day, every day. How is that different than the typical advisor? Just look at the math.

The Logic

If you had more time to do what is most important to you i.e. take care of your family, your health, important relationships, your professional life, your own growth, favorite activities and volunteering, or fill in the blank __________, while knowing that your finances and investments were optimally implemented, that would be good.

If you believe you are in optimal financial shape, how do you know?  If you worry that you are not, what would you need to know to not worry?

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, that implies that you have the time, focus, tools, information, access and insight, discipline and lack of behavioral biases at all time to execute.

If you work with an advisor, first and foremost confirm they working in your best interest. If that hurdle is met, are you convinced that they have the time, focus, tools, information, access and insight, discipline and lack of behavioral biases at all time to ensure your plan is fully executed?

We can help you make sure your finances are optimal, or we will work with to make sure they are. Please read through our website, especially our Bios and ADV, and let us know what you think. If you are comfortable, let’s meet to better understand what you want and need.

Heart & Sole

Our sole reason for being is to increase our clients’ control, outcomes and purpose.

We execute practical and effective evidence-based strategies, with a transparent and competitive fee structure, delivered with extraordinary personal service. If you are not hitting your targets for savings, rebalancing, tax and risk management, legacy planning and other goals, you are likely not receiving the comprehensive personal financial planning you deserve.

Dig in and see just how unique we are — and how every difference benefits you.

Review the Evidence

You are a Standout

You are a Standout

Step up to personal financial planning and investment advice that is as distinctive as you are. The best plans always depend on what is most important to you and what you can control.

Let our team of warm, human CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERSTM create your personal comprehensive financial plan and optimal investment strategy with you, from scratch.

We invite you to explore our time-tested approach to proactive planning and disciplined, efficient investing. It’s an approach so rational, it’s radical.

Your Proactive Wealth Management ‘A’ Team

The investment advisors at Journey Wealth Partners — each of whom is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ — allow us to deliver comprehensive wealth management strategies. We are diligent about applying the “relevant to you” changes in the ever-evolving worlds of investments, insurance and tax changes, all while accounting for the risks and opportunities that could impact your financial health.

Partner with us to clarify what you want from your life throughout your Journey.

Meet the Team

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