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Executive Equity Compensation

What to do? 

If you have earned a stake in your company, your compensation and taxes are more complicated than earning a salary, bonus or commissions.  Isn't it funny, that even when something positive like earning more compensation occurs, it's not all unicorns and glitter. Being eligible for executive equity compensation is a very good thing and especially when our clients' understand how to make great decisions.  There are many choices, such as, when to sell and why, how to prepare for the tax surprises and understand the potentional risks associated with too much of a good thing. There is a whole new language to learn, stock options, incentive or non-qualified, ESPP-Employee Stock Purchase Program, Restricted Stock or RSUs- Restricted Stock Units, PSUs-Performance Stock Units, why there are even GSUs if you work for a certain mega large cap on the West Coast! Deferred Compensation, Phantom Shares, Tracking Shares. Valuations, excise price, grant dates, grant price, vesting schedules, sell to cover, under water shates and of course, the need to now pay quarterly estimated taxes. With opportunty comes the responsibiity to be a good steward of your good fortune. Let us help you navigate the complexity so all your hard work really pays off.