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Our Process

Our Process

Is Journey Wealth Partners a fit for you? You be the judge. We will do our best to help you find the right fit even if we are not. You will be happy you came to meet us. The objective of the discovery meeting is to clarify what you want and need, and to see if we are the team with the process and strategy for you (and you for us).

If we commit to working together after this meeting, we will need you to do three things: 1. Gather all your documents. 2. Sign our agreement. 3. Make a deposit of $1,000. Once we know you are serious about your planning and have everything we need to do a thorough job, we will schedule a baseline meeting.

Baseline Meeting

This meeting is to make sure we all agree where “A” is and to start to understand where you wish to be “B”. “B” is that place and time where you have met your goals. Getting you from “A” to “B” comes later. But only by knowing where “A” truly is, may we be able to build a sound strategy to meet your goals.

We will show you what it means to live within your means in terms of an annual savings target. It isn’t what you make, but what you keep. We will help you create guardrails and automatic savings so you don’t have to feel anxiety every time you buy a cup of coffee or a new handbag or even a car.

Investments & Taxes Meeting

We help you discover your optimal allocation, taking into account your true risk tolerance, timeframes and goals. You will learn about investing and will achieve confidence in your investing plan. We will sit with you to rebalance your employer accounts and make sure you are optimized for your risk tolerance, fees, exposures and performance. We also take care to manage your investments with an eye toward lowering your taxes this year and every year.

Insurance & Estate Planning Meeting

What is the point of saving if you risk losing it because of being inadequately insured? It is a great feeling to know you have just enough for insurance but are not overpaying for it. We look at your home, auto, umbrella, life, disability, long-term care and professional insurance. There are important things you need to know about the interplay of your employer-provided insurance and your personal insurance. We want you to be fully protected and yet keep more nickels in your bank account by not overpaying. It takes focus and know-how but is well worth it. And by the way, we don’t sell insurance.

Estate planning is one of those things no one likes to think about. We will motivate you to get this part of your plan done well. We want you to know your affairs are buttoned up. You demonstrate responsibility in everything you do; this is one of those things that you may not know what you don’t know. Anyone who has settled an estate for a parent or sibling knows how important planning is. We work with you to find the best-fit attorney and just like with the insurance, make sure you don’t overpay or under plan.

Education Funding Meeting

Here, we get into the weeds, looking at the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), CSS, Expected Family Contribution etc. You will know where every dollar is coming from to pay for education. Each family’s plan is its own snowflake. Some have trusts and savings, while others are paying from current income. It is a puzzle that we will solve for you. We will protect you from overcommitting your student and yourselves. There are always options — 529 plans, Roth IRA, best strategies for borrowing — and we will develop an optimal plan that works in concert with your other goals. It is hard to recover from wrong moves. We don’t want you or your student to have regrets over how you paid for school.

Plan Delivery Meeting

By this meeting, much of your plan is already implemented. This is where we document your decisions and actions along with how that plan plays out. It is a moment in time. The moment your plan is done, something will change.

Implementation Meeting

There are always outstanding things that don’t fit neatly into our planning process. So this is where we keep the focus on action. Having a plan and implementing that plan is the difference between reaching your goals or not. We are relentless and won’t let you off the hook. Rebalancing your employer retirement plans, making your deferred compensation decisions, setting up autopay into a 529 account and selecting the correct benefits offered by your employer are only some of the steps that need to happen to ensure you live the life you desire.

Annual and Ongoing Reviews

Moving, changing jobs, health issues, family changes: Life is messy and ever-changing. Who are you going to call when you need to think through a “what-if” scenario? Market and tax changes never stop. What these mean to you and your lifestyle is important to understand so you can adapt and stay in charge. We provide the structure and discipline so you keep on track.

We will make sure there are no blind spots in your planning. We will keep on top of all planning opportunities across every aspect of your plan. You simply need to be available and open, and we will make sure what needs to get done, gets done.

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