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Wealth Management

Wealth Management Strategies

Wealth Management Strategies

In terms of wealth management, knowing what you can and can’t control is an important survival skill. Knowing yourself and what is most important to you: That is the most important variable in your financial equation. Aligning your resources to the life you want to live calls for a proactive and integrated approach with a seasoned guide who knows the terrain. You can control choosing your guide.

It’s a jungle out there. What is a person to do? You must tread carefully. It is natural to feel fear of losing your way or being harmed. Just the thought of searching for an advisor paralyzes people and, even worse, may force you to make moves blindly on your own. You can’t control the environment or the market while on your journey, yet you must forge ahead. Consider Journey Wealth Partners to let in the sunlight and clear your path forward in the financial services jungle, especially if you wish to benefit from proven financial best practices.

Proactive & Integrated Planning & Investing

Proactive & Integrated Planning & Investing

Journey embraces proven financial best practices to help align your resources to the life you want to live. That means taking a proactive and integrated approach to wealth management.

Proactive means planning ahead and taking advantage of opportunities to reduce risk, lower expenses and promote successful outcomes.

Integrated means coordinating both financial planning and investment management in a strategic way.

Financial planning involves defining your financial goals in terms of dates and dollars — e.g. retirement, college and education, risk management and estate planning — and then developing a plan to meet them.


Investment management entails researching and recommending a philosophy, strategies and specific investments to promote the growth and safety of your assets to achieve a desired standard of living. Be sure to review our investment philosophy.

Results in…

Proactive Comprehensive Wealth Management

The investment advisors at Journey Wealth Partners — each of whom is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ — allow us to deliver comprehensive wealth management strategies. We are diligent about applying the “relevant to you” changes in the ever-evolving worlds of investments, insurance and tax law, all while accounting for the potential risks and opportunities that could impact your financial health.

Partner with us to clarify what you want from your life throughout your Journey.

Explore Everything We Have to Offer

You would be amazed at what you don’t even know to ask when it comes to wealth management. But working with Journey will enhance your financial acumen and serve you well when making your most important financial decisions. We aren’t your parent’s financial advisory firm. Expect more.

We collaborate with your other advisors (e.g. CPA, attorney, insurance broker) to deliver truly comprehensive wealth management that spans the following services:

  • Retirement Planning
  • College and Education Planning
  • Investing
  • Insurance Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning

Wealth Management Strategies: Recommended Readings

  • Advisor’s alpha: We share Vanguard’s belief that trying to outperform the broad market is fool’s gold. As Vanguard explains in this report, “A financial advisor has a greater probability of adding value, or alpha, through relationship-oriented services, such as providing cogent wealth management and financial planning strategies, discipline, and guidance.”
  • Alpha, Beta, and Now…Gamma: According to this Morningstar report, generating retirement income depends on more than just choosing the right investment funds/mangers (the “alpha” decision) and asset allocation (the “beta” decision). Learn about “gamma,” a concept “designed to quantify the additional value that can be achieved by an individual investor from making more intelligent financial planning decisions.”

Achieve Greater Growth and Income and More Certainty

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