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What You Can Expect

We are in the boat together

We are in the boat together

We work with successful independent thinkers who value proven strategies and smart execution. It requires a willingness to share your personal aspirations (and financial data) … an appetite to learn, grow and take action … the humility to test what you think you know … the resolve to execute with discipline … and the courage to acknowledge uncomfortable emotions.

Full disclosure: Formulating and executing a successful wealth management plan takes time and your engagement. In the beginning, you should expect to meet with us five or six times, face-to-face or via Skype. Subsequently, we will meet as often as necessary to solve challenges and discuss opportunities.

Each year, you will receive a completely updated and personalized plan. After all, as any pilot knows, getting from “A” to “B” is never a straight line — and you will need to make important course corrections along the way. Throughout our relationship, we will ask that you keep us informed of any changes that could have a significant impact personally, professionally or financially, so we can do our best to have you land safely and comfortably.

Our Core Values

  • To behave ethically, with integrity, accountability and courage
  • To be compassionate with everyone we work with
  • To be curious to facilitate greater value and meaning for our clients
  • To be self-motivated and work as smart and hard as it takes to deliver an excellent experience
  • To be collaborative with clients and colleagues so that the plan is wholeheartedly understood and implemented
  • To be proactive in anticipating opportunities and avoiding problems
  • To be flexible without losing focus

Our Process

  • Disciplined project management approach
  • Starting with a current baseline document and meeting, then transparent analysis documenting the benefits of every recommendation for every aspect of your plan through final plan delivery
  • Multiple meetings and iterations over time to allow you to reflect and decide via face-to-face, conference call, Skype, email, etc. until you, and if married, your spouse, are comfortable with your completed written completed plan at that moment in time. Most plans take from six weeks to six months to execute.
  • Coaching and encouragement to get through the implementation and execution of every aspect of your plan. Almost all clients stall at these junctures — drilling down on spending, setting up 529 accounts, estate planning, obtaining insurance and rebalancing. We are by your side every step of the way, holding you accountable.
  • Your plan is your life. It’s personal. To invite us into your life is a privilege that we honor. We don’t work with just anyone either. If we agree to work together, you will know you are very cared for. We will anticipate planning opportunities and work hard to keep you on track to being and feeling comfortable and confident.
  • We celebrate milestones. It is the small victories that create value and meaning, and we do believe the joy is in the journey. Furthermore, the destination for everyone is unknowable, as we can only control what we can control, and that is usually more than enough to have an abundant life.


You likely don’t know this, but Registered Investment Advisors are not allowed to advertise testimonials per the Securities Act of 1940.

Please read our illustrative case studies found on the home page to get a sense of the results that we have achieved for others.

Please visit us for a financial roadmap meeting, and we can discuss the results that are most important to you — and how we may be able to help you achieve them.

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